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One gram Jewellery, 1 gm gold plated Jewelry, 2 gm gold plated Jewelry. Indian Artificial Jewelry.

Indian Jewellery styles that makes a perfect Wedding Day with 1 gm / one gram handmade jewellery.

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Gold-plated Indian Jewellery Wholesale. High Quality Top Forming Necklace Collection

Simple jewellery – you will look awesome. Teenage fashion jewellery. Matches with your modern outfit.

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Gracious Gold Plated Peacock style Long Haram set

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Featuring 10 beautiful gold plated pendants priced under $15. These can be paired with partywear salwar suits sarees and Punjabi anarkali dresses.

For long lasting of one gram jewellery. Care and instructions.

Gold plated Jewellery is made with a thin layer of gold coated on another metal like Brass or copper. With a proper care, you can extend the lifespan and get more wear out of your one gram gold jewellery and gold plated jewellery. It can’t be explained exactly how long it will last, it depends on how and when you wear it. Wearer's skin pH also affects the plating. There are some people whose skin pH will cause the plating to wear down in limited days!

One gram Gold Jewellery, mostly chains are used as daily wear. With a little care, it can be used like gold jewelry for years.

While wearing your gold plated jewellery don't spray perfumes or other sprays it will interact with your Jewellery's metal and tarnish. A single spray of these perfumes is good enough to spoil the look and colour of the jewellery or shorten the colour life. Put on your plated jewellery after you have applied lotion, perfume or makeup. Wait until it is dry or it has been absorbed by your skin before you wear your gold plated Jewellery.